100% Unique
200% Customized

We bring your ideas to life for any knife or axe. Our custom work service is set up so you get 100% of what you dreamed of, at unbeatable prices. Hassle free.

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Why are we the best

Lifetime Guarantee

With our Titanium guarantee, your axe is covered for life

Unlimited Revisions

We will not ship your item until you are 100% happy. We work 1-1 with you

Professionally Designed

A professional designer will custom design your knife or axe. Everything is 100% original.

2 Week Booking Period

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Only A Partial  $50 Advance Required.
Applied Towards Final Cost! 

Simple, Replica $150

Any knife or axe replica, pieces that do not need a lot of artistic and precision work. You can customize everything, but you can only add minor engravings or minor artistic details.

Damascus Steel: +$20 More. 

Medium Detailed $215 

Detailed pieces that require etching, engraving, carving, premium materials such as antler handles, some staghorn handles. You can customize everything plus add a lot of details. 

Damascus Steel: +$20 More

Complex Details $300

Pieces with a lot of carvings, etchings, that require hours and hours of focus and precision work. Pieces with premium materials. Best of the best. 

Damascus Steel: Included

How it works

Only Pay $50 Advance To Reserve

Your deposit will be applied towards your final balance

  • Reserve your spot
  • We contact you via Email or Phone
  • We work 1-1 with you to design exactly what you want
  • You pay the final difference AFTER you
    approve a video and photo of your blade
  • We ship the item!

We accept payment plans/installments


Bushcrafthits made a knife which was exactly
what I wanted, very skilled they are. 

- - Samuel


"An artist with steel"

- - JOHN

Previous Work

Highest quality 

We can make almost anything

  • Damascus steel
  • 1095 steel, your choice
  • Hammer forged
  • Custom sheath
  • Hand carvings, etching, engravings

Risk free, no commitments

Money Back Guarantee

Even if you change your mind, we will refund your deposit

Lifetime Warranty

If it ever breaks, we will replace it, FOREVER

Free Returns

Yeap, you can return your custom knife/axe for free up to 30 days!