Welcome to Bushcrafthits, a company forged with an unbeatable desire to please our customers. We are known for our top notch products, our tough as nails products, and a #1 customer service in the industry.

We are dedicated to producing high quality handmade knives that display amazing craftsmanship, are practical, and give a feeling of pride. Pride in that old ways of forging, old essential tools such as knives are not yet forgotten by the new society.

Bushcrafthits is known for being an innovative and experimental brand that is not afraid of taking bold risks and offering different styles of knives and axes that may not follow the industry standards. We aim to offer unique products that are of the highest quality, affordable, aesthetically beautiful, and functional. Beware of copycats.

Most companies out there see their customers as dollar signs, as a means to an end, they appear very friendly and even wear the batch of customer service in the hopes of making money off their customers. However, 99% of companies out there forget about you once they are done taking money from you.

Although Bushcrafthits is a business that needs revenue to survive, maintain employment and electricity in our shop, what makes us the most proud of our company is our post purchase service, our follow up with our customers to make sure things are still going smoothly. We provide our customers with practical advice and up to date content about survival, bushcraft, taking care of their tools, and much more through our social media and email newsletter. 

When you reach out to us, a REAL HUMAN will be in touch with you, we have a unique conversational and natural approach to dealing with issues; unlike most companies, we do not read you the fine print and have the lawyers show you the 20th paragraph of our terms and service that you should have read during a $20 purchase.We apply common sense to everyday normal problems that come up and always put our customers first.